“Karina has a quality that only those who are destined to reach the mountain tops have. She has an immense talent and sensitivity for acting, yet she seems to be totally innocent and oblivious about it. We’ve been friends for many years and I have witnessed her marvelous growth as an actress and as a human being. As long as I’m concerned she is minutes away from being discovered as the new jewel of Hollywood.”

Beto Cuevas, Los Angeles
Recording Artist & Multi-Grammy Award Winner

“Karina is an amazing artist. A brilliant actress and model with a soaring intellect. A true pleasure to work with!”

John Quiñones, New York City
Primetime – ABC News

“Congratulations to Karina Junker for voicing the trailer for a major motion picture. This is RARE as trailers are the only sector of the VO industry that is still male dominated. Big feat and perhaps a door slowly opening for more women in trailers? Congrats Karina!!”

Voices For All, New York

“What a talented Voice Over artist! She understands all aspects of her profession. She has such a wide range; from TV commercials, films, radio, web and voice tracks, you really can’t go wrong in booking her.”

Danny Reeves, Engineer/Producer

“When I saw Karina’s audition, I knew we had found our star! Not only is she beautiful on screen, but her Spanish is flawless! She brought her own creativity and personality to the set to make it genuine!”

Stephanie Ayars, NetSpend Corporation

“Je ne sais quoi is a French expression that means something that cannot be adequately described or expressed or an indefinable, elusive quality. It would be safe to say Karina Junker possesses this quality as an actress and brings it fully to the screen. In the film ”DISSoNANCE’, directed by Natasha Fissiak, Karina inhabits the role of Marina. She shows us vulnerability, grit, and fragility. And, Karina does what good actresses do – she takes us on a journey and transforms Marina from a seed to a wildflower by the end of the film. Ms. Junker brings the “je ne sais quoi” making us, the viewer want to keep watching to see what she will do next.”

Golden World Films, Houston

“Karina is a hard working actress, has a wonderful personality, a professional demeanor, and is very conscientious. Her effort and tenacity is what all working actors need in this industry. She is extremely ambitious and always willing to take the next step. Through my ten plus years as a talent agent, I have established many actors who have become notables in this world. Karina is going to be one of those protégées.”

Michelle Sanchez, Former Talent Agent at Page.713 

“Captivating and intelligent, Karina is the type of person that has the ability to communicate a message that is undeniable.  She is by far, one of the most interesting and talented people that we have had the pleasure to meet.”

Hector Luna, C-47  Houston Entertainment Magazine

“Karina is an amazing talent to work with. She is dedicated and hardworking. She is an all around pleasure!”

Brooke Deklavs, Talent Agent at Page.713